Our Services

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Our Services


WWEN works with institutions that are authenticated by the UK Border Agency, as well as other Universities/colleges/institutions in the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and Scandinavia.



WWEN offers everything to set students in good educational stead for the future, including services for specialist subjects and exams, UCAS applications, specialist advice on school and university placements, professional educational assessments, and summer courses/trainings.




The services we provide are:


- Higher Education Networking


- University and Colleges Applications


- UCAS Applications


- Summer Schools, Language Schools and Summer Camps


- Language Programmes


- Educational Advice for Students and Parents regarding State or Private Schools


- Advice on writing a PhD and Research Proposal


- Congress, as well as host conference sessions, roundtables and seminars


- IELTS Courses


- Cambridge English KET and PET Courses


- Scholarship Applications


- Life Long Learning Programmes


- Internship Programmes


- Academic Proof Reading


- Accomodations, trandportations


- and more...